CleanLife Energy, LCC Receives Development Grant From Brooklyn, Ohio

Brooklyn, Ohio, August 26, 2014 – Today, Mayor Richard Balbier presented to Justin Miller, President and CEO of CleanLife Energy, LLC a Job Retention Creation Business Grant for $25,000 for the expansion of their laboratories to develop new and on-going technologies in the field of aftermarket LED lighting products.

CleanLife Energy, LLC is headquartered in Brooklyn, Ohio with labs, distribution and expanded light assembly of numerous LED lighting products and power solutions for commercial, niche and consumer markets.  The Job Retention Creation Business Grant helps enable the company to improve performance and reliability of its products while also bringing more jobs to the community.  The company has already added seven full-time jobs in the last six months which include grads from Case Western Reserve University.  “To us it’s more than just a grant.  It’s a commitment to our community,” said CleanLife’s CEO Justin Miller.

“We are a company with sustainable practices and the city of Brooklyn acknowledges us.  That’s a great feeling.  It’s really exciting and motivating that our team is supported by our city and working together to create a path to cleaner energy.”

With the grant, CleanLife Energy, LLC is making a $100,000 investment in the design, development and testing of LED lights, LED drivers, lithium ion batteries, cable harnessing and other clean power technologies.  The bold move sets the platform for moving most of their product development operations here to the United States, specifically Brooklyn – which could include manufacturing.  Their new laboratory will bring and house all the development of new technologies, now shared with their partners overseas.

Brooklyn’s Mayor Richard Balbier is pleased that the city of Brooklyn can award the entrepreneurial company with the grant. “The City of Brooklyn is excited to help young companies like CleanLife Energy get started.  We know they will do well in their field and wish them nothing but success.

Not limited to LED Lighting, CleanLife Energy, LLC is also the developer of long-lasting rechargeable batteries for mobile devices under the brand name Unibat.  The product has been lauded with market recognition and is sold locally at Kiosks throughout NE Ohio.