CLEANLIFE® Energy Announces Patent License Agreement with Philips

Cleveland, USA– October 1, 2015 – CLEANLIFE® Energy, creators of clean and innovative solutions for commercial, residential and niche markets today announced that CLEANLIFE® has signed a comprehensive, worldwide patent license agreement with Royal Philips, the global leader in lighting, for the LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs Licensing Program

With this agreement CLEANLIFE® Energy will now have access to Phillips’ broad portfolio of over 200 inventions that have resulted in more than 1,300 registered patents across a host of technologies from basic LED controls to system-level technologies. Access to the intellectual property will allow
CLEANLIFE® to continue to considerably advance their abilities to meet the future needs of their customers.

“Our customers rely on us to provide the safest and most advanced LED technology available,” said CLEANLIFE Energy CEO Justin S. Miller. “Our relationship with Philips allows us to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing additional surety that the technologies we utilize in our products are in full compliance with all laws and regulations, especially those pertaining to intellectual property. To make our customers aware we will start using the enabLED logo, showing we are a member of the LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs Licensing Program.”

About CLEANLIFE® Energy
CLEANLIFE® creates clean and innovative solutions for the world’s future energy supply. A division of CleanLife Ventures LLC, CLEANLIFE® is a global-leader in LED lighting and power supply technologies for commercial, niche application, and residential markets.

CLEANLIFE®’s mission is to create a healthier planet through the design and development of advanced clean technologies that are economical and meet the highest international standards in safety and performance. CLEANLIFE® is committed to protecting the environment by providing products and services that not only improve energy efficiency but also reduce dependence on natural resources and the presence of hazardous waste in the environment.

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