Local Entrepreneur and CLEANLIFE Energy CEO Justin Miller Reacts to RNC on Fox News Live

Cleveland – July 26, 2015 –  CLEANLIFE Energy founder and CEO Justin Miller participated in a live, Fox News panel discussion of millennial Cleveland entrepreneurs during the Republican National Convention (RNC) on July 22.

Miller joined fellow up-and-coming Cleveland business owners Adam Wright, co-owner Restore Cold Pressed, and Graham Veysey, developer of the Hingetown neighborhood project on Cleveland’s near west side, to discuss the changes taking place in downtown Cleveland and the efforts to bring jobs back to the United States.

When asked about his interest in fostering U.S. job growth and development, Miller discussed CLEANLIFE Energy’s efforts in this movement.

“Our company has proven that it can bring jobs back from China to the United States,” he said. “We manufacture in-house, custom LED lighting solutions, and we are able to be competitive in the market.”

Miller added during the segment that these jobs are high-tech manufacturing jobs, not low-wage service jobs.

“It requires skilled labor, which we are willing to pay a premium for,” he said. “These are the types of jobs that not only Cleveland needs, but also the jobs that all of America needs. They also are the kind I hope the next President of the United States will help bring back to America.”

CLEANLIFE Energy recently relocated within Cleveland city limits this spring, with help from an $180,000 grant from the City of Cleveland.

With company leaders determined to find a space, a location and a neighborhood that shared their aspirations and emphasized the innovative spirit they were looking to channel, moving into an area adjacent to the excitement of downtown ideally fit the bill. The infrastructure both existing, and what is slated to come, will help support the company’s future growth.


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